Being Called “SEXY” is NOT a Compliment

Compliments are supposed to be like little confidence boosters we get from others. It’s when someone expresses their admiration for how well we did something or how well we look. 

A kind word really does go a long way. Especially when we are SINGLE and it comes from the opposite sex. But not everything that comes from the opposite sex, that our culture deems endearing, is a compliment.

Like being called the word…"SEXY!" 

"Sexy" in our society has become a normal replacement adjective for "beautiful" or "nice-looking", but I have to be honest with you. This type of compliment to describe a woman's beauty is totally inappropriate.



For a man to call you (a woman he isn'tmarried to) "SEXY",  it is him expressing his unrighteous lustful desires towards you and The Scriptures are clearly against being drawn away by the lusts of the flesh.

As women, we are to be respected (and act) as the dignified beings created by The Most High. So we are to teach others how to #respeck us by controlling what we allow.

And Allowing random men to call you  "SEXY" is a form of DISRESPECT.

Watch my video below as I go into more depth on this subject!





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