Octavia V.
Professional Wife, Baby Maker, and Author of When Love Stands

My husband and I heard about TorahCents on YouTube. I can't remember if a Facebook friend shared one of her videos or not but we loved her videos and would share them on our personal pages. Even had some fall outs with some folks behind her videos too because I agreed with just about every word. So I knew she was a smart young lady. I remember saying that I would love to meet her one day because she seemed wise beyond her years. The interesting thing was I had no idea we were already Facebook friends because I only knew her as TorahCents and not Samone.

But it wasn't until last year that we really connected and ever since, we've been like shoes and shoe strings. LOL! I love her and she's great at what she does in helping women and single mothers. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a young lady so passionate about living for God, loving the life she lives as well as helping other women do the same. The passion of this lady is so insane that it actually helped in causing me to step up my own game in business (iron sharpens iron right?) and move beyond justbooks butcreating eCourses as well. Who knew a young woman could inspire me in such a way?

Her understanding of The Word, her desire for righteousness and her heart for women gives the total package in that any woman seeking a better life in Christ, would benefit greatly from working with her. She works hard at whatever she does whether it's being a wife, a mother and also a dear friend. I truly thank The Most High for connecting me with such an inspiring, righteous and wise young lady! I love her more than she'll ever know! ~ OEV

My first time watching a TorahCents phenomenon changed my way of thinking... Okay I'll tell on myself, "Why 'Strong'  Women Should Stay Single." I was like "Dang! why she gotta put my business out there like that?"

I appreciate You aiding in my de-layering!! Yahuah has been doing a lot of that lately and its been awesome I feel truly blessed to be apart of your group and sit on your reading mat and take notes. 

And you were spitting bars on one of them videos too. I said, "WHET?! Hol on! I wasn't ready!!"
What an amazing woman! I see why Father picked you for the task.

Ariel J.
Tax Preparer

My entire mindset has changed. I thank God for what you do. You have renewed my outlook on femininity and money.

Sophia A. Credentialing Team Lead

I love Samone aka Torah!!!! I'm one of the ones who has been following her since late 2011-2012. I watched every YouTube video at least 2-3 times. My outlook on how relationships work has changed since following her!!!

Periscope has allowed us to connect more personally. I love how real and straight forward she is! Wisdom beyond her years! So glad The Most High raised her up for such a time as this.

I can go on and on! Of course the humor relief with such heavy subjects help! Okay I'm done! Her Valley Girl voice is the best... "Omg Kevin, why didn't you call me back?" LOL Love you beautiful Woman of God!!!

Kelcie S.
Verbal/Writer processor.

Samone,  you are awesome. You are one of the few people that handles femininity with such wisdom and such care. I first saw your videos in 2011. And although you often say you got tired of people laughing, it was the jokes that opened my eyes to a possibility of the Christian walk being more than empty cliches and cliques.

Sometimes I do Miss Ola Mae but I'm glad she took a back seat because around the time you began your videos addressing women, God was delivering me from homosexuality and a lot of questions I had on femininity was answered through you. So I am extremely thankful grateful for you and all that you do and i am in awe at how God is stitching us together.

Be encouraged because the Most High is with you and the work of this ministry. Not to mention you did all this while building your family. Which in of itself gives myself and others soooooo much hope. I can't tell you how much I love you sis.

Talaya M.  
After school Director / Recreation Specialist

I saw TorahCent's video late one night while scrolling through FB. I went to YouTube and stayed up super late watching her videos!!! She is hilarious!!!!!

She cuts you with truth and makes you laugh, think and self reflect at the same time.

My way of thinking has changed and I tell my friends about her all the time. I don't even view relationships the same. I Thank GOD for her gift.

Sam. W Banbury Operator
Hannah M.  Home health aide/Homemaker/Student                 

I doubt that words alone can express my gratitude towards Samone aka Torahcents but I want to share my testimony with the world. I am affirmative that meeting Torahcents was divine intervention in my life. I came across her videos in summer 2011 on youtube and immediately resonated with her. I consciously made the decision to elevate my life, and I was on a path to developing myself as a person and my mind's been renewed through her. I was embracing my femininity and my identity as a woman, through God. I was actively seeking to surround myself with other Godly women I'd be able to learn from, share and grow with online and offline.

Torah is the big sister I needed!! She encouraged me, held me accountable in many ways through her powerful videos because her words rebuked, inspired and supported me. She assisted me by sparking change in me to better me as a person. I respect and admire her, I share many of her views. She helped me in areas such as relationships, finance, femininity and much more. One of my favorite video till this day is "Mz Independent is a deceived Eve" because it helped me realize how much of a blessing she'd be in my life. I LOVE her sense of humor, her honesty and her will to serve the most high through helping others.

Her message's been consistent, 4 years later I am still a supporter. I've followed her closely since and watched her grow into her own as a role model for many. Her delivery is always thought provoking, detailed and straight forward. I appreciate what she stand for and represent as a woman. She's influenced my life in a positive way and for that I am always going to be grateful for her, the best part is that I've been able to share the things I've learned from her to my siblings and other women in general. I highly recommend her because she is a great asset in many ways. I LOVE HER FOR TEACHING BY EXAMPLE!!!