The Real Reason Why You’re Thirsty to Find a Man

I’ll probably get some flack for sharing this publicly, but in all honestly I’m all about keeping it real…even when it ain’t popular to do so.

*exhale* Here goes…

So…my mother separated from my father in my early teens and began dating other men almost immediately. At the time I didn’t really take issue with her dating per se, but I took a major issue in HOW she dated.


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Why Strong Women Should Stay Single (Video)

I have heard many women who want to be in a relationship attempt to rationalize why they don’t have a man by saying things like:


“It takes a strong man to HANDLE a strong woman like me!”


which usually translates as…


“It takes a strong man to handle my lack of FEMININITY, my need to CONTROL him, and my incessant DISRESPECT…”


PROBLEMS should be handled….CHILDREN should be handled…ANIMALS should be handled…but a grown adult woman should not NEED to be handled by anyone.


When a man is faced with HANDLING a woman… 1 out of 3 things usually happens:

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5 Ways Men Disrespect You (And You Don’t Even Know It)

It's no secret that it is disrespectful for a man to call an honorable woman a "bitch" and the average woman would also agree that it's disrespectful for a man to physically abuse her.  What many of us don't realize is that  men disrespect us without us even noticing.  A man also disrespects you in the following ways:

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Why I don’t believe in Boyfriends

Boyfriends are sooooooo overrated. I remember having boyfriends in my teenage years. It would always go a little sumthin' like this: 

  1. Meet "Timmy"
  2. Make Timmy my boyfriend
  3. Give Timmy my time, energy, and heart.
  4. Watch things with Timmy sour
  5. Breaks up with Timmy
  6. Mourns over Timmy
  7. Meets Derek
  8. Repeat #s 1-6 until Jared comes along
  9. Repeat #s 1-6 until David comes along

The song that never ends right?

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