The Real Reason Why You’re Thirsty to Find a Man

I’ll probably get some flack for sharing this publicly, but in all honestly I’m all about keeping it real…even when it ain’t popular to do so.

*exhale* Here goes…

So…my mother separated from my father in my early teens and began dating other men almost immediately. At the time I didn’t really take issue with her dating per se, but I took a major issue in HOW she dated.


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Building Your Sisterhood Portfolio

Every Woman who is seeking to please The Most High and to become a woman of standard SHOULD have women supporting them, advising them, AND rebuking them.

Just like you accumulate a diversity of stock/investments for your portfolio to cultivate value in the market and to protect against need to accumulate a portfolio of women to help cultivate YOUR value as a woman of standard and ward against risk of failure.

In your portfolio you should have women who:

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