The Harsh Truth about Men Who Won’t Meet Your Father

Not only is it an “old school” tradition to bring the guy that is interested in you to meet your father before you engage in a relationship with him, but it’s also a Biblical one.

In Scripture, Men were not allowed to pursue the women they wanted UNLESS the father gave him permission to pursue.

Bottom line…

Because of cultural shifts, declining morality and the lack of fathers in homes, this tradition is fading among the majority of women today and we are reaping the consequences…

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3 Major Relationships Every Woman Should Have

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back”

In our current culture women often carry an anti-female mentality when it comes to befriending other women.

The common idea is that women are catty and way too much drama-filled, therefore we are generally unpleasant to be around.

Even though there seems to be plenty of evidence available like reality TV shows, videos on YouTube and World Star to support this idea, the reality is that even though there are toxic women that exist who may not know how to be a friend, WE (as women of The Most High) know that there are also amazing women that we can connect with.


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Being Called “SEXY” is NOT a Compliment

Compliments are supposed to be like little confidence boosters we get from others. It’s when someone expresses their admiration for how well we did something or how well we look. 

A kind word really does go a long way. Especially when we are SINGLE and it comes from the opposite sex. But not everything that comes from the opposite sex, that our culture deems endearing, is a compliment.

Like being called the word…"SEXY!" 

"Sexy" in our society has become a normal replacement adjective for "beautiful" or "nice-looking", but I have to be honest with you. This type of compliment to describe a woman's beauty is totally inappropriate.


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How to Love a Married Man

As women of high standard, we should always be VERY mindful of how we behave around another woman’s husband. Often times we end up disrespecting a man and his OBSERVANT wife without realizing it because:


A. We have not been taught better




B. The (very) liberal (and unGodly) media has ill- shaped our mind and behavior.


5 MAJOR ways we can improve on interactions with married men are to:

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Irrational Defenses Women Use to Defend and Condone Single Motherhood

For some reason, no matter how many times it is proven over and over again that  single motherhood is dangerous to society and ultimately NOT the business, there are always women (and simp men) out to defend it's existence.

I became a single mother at 17 years of age and out of all my 8 years of being a "baby mama" I have never once attempted to defend my status or my severely unintelligent decision to get knocked up by someone who wasn't even remotely committed to me.  I am bewildered that many people do *shrug*.  

I have decided to list below (and rebuke)  real arguments I have either heard with my own ears in conversation or seen with my own eyes on social networks used to condone baby mamahood.

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Defeated People “Only” Pray

I'm really starting to not like the phrase "All we can do is pray" as I feel like it is rhetoric that cultivates a spirit of laziness within the body of Christ and is incredibly insulting to our Creator who did not intelligently design our brain so that when we get off our knees we get up looking like uninformed, passive deer in head lights.

Prayer is important…and is needed but 99% of the time it isn't ALL we can do. In addition to prayer we can:

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