How to Love a Married Man

As women of high standard, we should always be VERY mindful of how we behave around another woman’s husband. Often times we end up disrespecting a man and his OBSERVANT wife without realizing it because:


A. We have not been taught better




B. The (very) liberal (and unGodly) media has ill- shaped our mind and behavior.


5 MAJOR ways we can improve on interactions with married men are to:

1. Be mindful of the types of conversations you have with these men (on and offline)
—Understand that conversations that may be appropriate to have with a single man may not be inappropriate to have with a married man.


2. Be mindful of your non-verbal behavior
—You want to make sure that your body language is not coming off as brazen or borderline flirtatious.


3. Be mindful of physical interactions and invading his physical space.
—Though some women may not mind you hugging her husband (b/c she knows you), be VERY careful about extras (Ex: He makes you laugh and you playfully slap his arm or leg)


4. Be mindful how you speak to these men.
—Do not demand…command…or outright disrespect them. This man’s wife has no business doing that….so you DEF need to have a seat trying to pull that off.


5. Be mindful of flattering this man. 
—There is nothing wrong with giving a sincere compliment here and there, but sometimes things are better left unsaid in this context. You don’t need to tell him how good he smells and/or constantly remind him how well he dresses.


Being mindful of all of the above can protect YOU and perceptions made about you…as well as help you to properly value and respect the covenant made between a man and his wife.


Being mindful of these things also allows you to properly handle a weak man or a jealous woman with love and care.


If you would like to watch a fun humorous video representing this blog post, please see below. 🙂



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