The Harsh Truth about Men Who Won’t Meet Your Father

Not only is it an “old school” tradition to bring the guy that is interested in you to meet your father before you engage in a relationship with him, but it’s also a Biblical one.

In Scripture, Men were not allowed to pursue the women they wanted UNLESS the father gave him permission to pursue.

Bottom line…

Because of cultural shifts, declining morality and the lack of fathers in homes, this tradition is fading among the majority of women today and we are reaping the consequences…

Now a days men:

  1. Have easy access to us due to that missing hedge of protection
  2. Are not afraid to take disrespect and take advantage of us because there is no one there to split his wig.
  3. Don’t care if they have been approved by our family or not.
  4. Have the ability to play games with our hearts without being held accountable.

Having that male security system that comes from having a strong, righteous father (or father figure) alerts the men in your midst know they have to come correct or don’t come around at all.

Should any dusty dude pursue you for the wrong reasons… a righteous father figure can smell the dusty scum on the man that means you any harm within walking distance.

No matter whether you have a father, an absent father or a father who fell short, it’s extremely important for you to not engage with a man on an ongoing basis without him meeting an important, strong male figure in your life.

Watch my video below to find out why Men who DON”T want to engage this strong male figure don’t need to be in your life.



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