The Most Common Way Women Disrespect Themselves

Have you ever been out say at the grocery store…

….or maybe walking down the street

….ooooorrrr in the mall

….and see another woman and think…

“Gosh I like her dress!” OR “wow she’s beautiful!”

Then when you get close enough to stop and tell her, she returns your kind gesture with a negative response. Like..


“I get told that a lot but I don’t see it” or “This ol’ raggedy dress? Girl please.”


You either spend the next few moments trying to convince her of her greatness or you walk away feeling sorry for her!

Has this ever happened to you? Or worse, have YOU ever done this?

Working closely with women over the years, I’ve noticed that regardless of  race…nationality…ethnicity…class…religion…social standing..etc…this is thee most common way women as a whole disrespect themselves!

Most will think it’s dressing provocatively or sleeping around with any man or continuously dating clowns….but even when you leave the states to regions where women are fully covered and sexually modest, they still have an issue accepting compliments graciously!!

But let me explain to you WHY this is so disrespectful & ways to put some respeck on it!..

1). Main reason is, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. When The Most High formed you in yo mama’s belly, He ain’t make no substandard being! He can’t even do that! When you deny your own awesomeness you deny God’s creativity
Put some respeck on His name!

2). Next reason is, you are being contemptuous towards your own self! When a person compliments you and you deny or counter that compliment, for whatever reason, you are telling yourself and the complimentor, “I am not worthy of compliments or affirmation” Girl that’s so disrespectful! You betta put some respeck on yo name!

3). Lastly but not leastly, if I give you a compliment and you rebut me, you are calling me a liar! Sis, if I’m lying I’m flying. And I’m not crazy, I know greatness when I see it. Put some respeck on my name too!

I understand as women we come from many different background and upbringings and that affects how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Sometimes those experiences inflict us negatively and cause us to think negatively of ourselves. But it’s crucial to our growth to recognize those negative thought patterns and correct them as they arise.

Remember this one thing…

You have the power to reject any negative opinion of you from others AND yourself. So the next time someone gifts you with a kind compliment….SAY THANK YOU!

And really accept it! You’ll find over time it gets easier to accept compliments and you may find yourself throwing them out as well!”

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