The Real Reason Why You’re Thirsty to Find a Man

I’ll probably get some flack for sharing this publicly, but in all honestly I’m all about keeping it real…even when it ain’t popular to do so.

*exhale* Here goes…

So…my mother separated from my father in my early teens and began dating other men almost immediately. At the time I didn’t really take issue with her dating per se, but I took a major issue in HOW she dated.


Well because despite her enthusiasm to be in a healthy, loving relationship, she was involved with the unemployed, drug addicts and even pedophiles! And before each failed relationship with either a bum, criminal or SOON to be criminal ended…she already had either the next bum, criminal and SOON to be criminal about to move in in order to ensure there were no gaps of singleness.

Fortunately for her, she was able to break the destructive pattern years down the road. But talk about a crazy cycle to be in! (Even worse for her children)

It’s one thing to be single and have a yearning for sex and companionship. It’s another to thing be single and suffer from loneliness and desperation to the point where your mind is so bent on securing a relationship with the opposite sex that you often find yourself entertaining the wrong men.

This is the difference between healthy desire and THIRST.

And if you don’t know by now…thirst will have you out here looking bad AND feeling bad.

Some of the most obvious differences between Healthy Desire and Thirst are the following:

  • Healthy desire allows you to proactively seek a romantic relationship, but thirst will cause you to chase men.


  • Healthy desire seeks to ask probing questions while getting to know a potential mate, but thirst will convince you that asking too many questions will spoil the mood.


  • Healthy desire seeks the advice and opinions of trusted counsel concerning a potential husband, but thirst will argue that “it ain’t nobody else’s business”.


  • Healthy desire will take note of inappropriate behaviors and properly analyze whether it’s a good idea to continue the relationship, but thirst will not only ignore red flags…it will seek to justify these behaviors in order to hold on to the relationship.


  • Healthy desire should be the norm, yet there are millions of women who feel lonely, desperate, unloved and constantly relying on a man to swoop in and relieve those emotions.

After some personal informal research of my own, I’ve come to a general conclusion based upon what i’ve discovered about women who feel lonely while hopping in and out of bad relationships regularly.

Please make sure you check out my video above to uncover my findings. 🙂

  • disqus_kgVdqcDzOB

    Eye-opening and convicting. Wish I had a better support system now. Seems to be hard making new girlfriends to replace the ones who got married, had kids, & no longer hang with single friends anymore. :-/

    • Jasmine Lenore

      Are you in SoCal?

      • disqus_kgVdqcDzOB

        No, I’m in DC. 😕

        • Jasmine Lenore

          Oh….. Dang. Well I’ll be your virtual friend lol.

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